Transportation & Mobility

"Our public transportation is strikingly underdeveloped in the United States relative to the rest of the world, leading to environmental issues, congestion, and societal inequity. The Second District is a microcosm for these inequities, making it difficult for families and students with limited resources. At the same time, local entrepreneurs and small businesses benefit from a quality transportation system."

What Needs To Be Done?

1. Improve Existing Transportation Infrastructure Across the United States

As Congresswoman, I will create legislation to support the maintenance and expansion of multi-modal transportation. We need to rebuild core infrastructure across America using innovative and sustainable technologies.

2. Reduce Congestion in Overcrowded Cities

As Congresswoman, I will advocate for the use of smart city technology, adaptive traffic signals, as well as car sharing programs.

3. Vastly Improve Omaha’s Public Transit System

As Congresswoman, I will work to close opportunity gaps by investing in new public transportation infrastructure in mid-sized cities like Omaha.

Want to learn more? Read Kara's detailed plan below!

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