Jobs and Economic Development

"While the Omaha Metro Area is a vibrant and fast-growing community, there is a growing disparity between the quality of jobs across the district. Having served as Vice Chair of the Board of Metropolitan Community College, I am keenly aware of the importance of contractor training programs in creating high-paying quality jobs. With first-hand experience in developing such programs, I understand the need for support structures that allow small businesses in the Omaha to thrive."

What Needs To Be Done?

1. Ensure Job Creation is Equitable Across the Entire District.

As Congresswoman, I will work with groups such as the Omaha Economic Development Corporation and the Omaha City Council to further incentivize businesses to expand into the parts of the district that need them the most, and curb the power of predatory lenders in these communities.

2. Better Prepare our Youth for the Workforce. 

As Congresswoman, I will collaborate with Metropolitan Community College to invest in healthy, energy-efficient housing while concurrently creating jobs for our district. We need to invest heavily in trade schools, apprenticeship programs, and training programs that will equip younger generations with tangible skills and greater job security in the age of automation. 

3. Promote Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development.

As Congresswoman, I will work with local policy makers, the Chambers of Commerce, the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands, and local businesses to expand business opportunities, especially for the LGBTQIA community, people of color, veterans, and women. 

4. Create Sustainable Economic Growth.

As Congresswoman, I will promote investments in green energy jobs, particularly in the underdeveloped wind, solar, and renewable energy sectors in Nebraska.

Want to learn more? Read Kara's detailed plan below!

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