Housing and Neighborhoods

"84,000 homes in Omaha were built before 1978, the year lead-based paint was banned. Omaha is the largest residential EPA superfund site in the nation due to lead contamination in the soil. I know first hand, from 12 years of running Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance and raising $13 million dollars for sustainable housing, that green, safe, and healthy housing is an essential investment for the growth and prosperity of our local community."

What Needs To Be Done?

1. Create Affordable, Healthy, and Sustainable Housing

As Congresswoman, I will fight for significant investments in affordable housing in our district. I will prioritize historically neglected communities that have suffered the most from environmental and public health disasters. I will also push for significant investments in innovative, sustainable, and energy efficient housing technologies. 

2. Address Food Deserts 

As Congresswoman, I will advocate for small businesses making healthy and affordable food more accessible. In our district specifically, I will work with groups such as Whispering Roots and No More Empty Pots to ensure that everyone has access to healthful foods, while also promoting local urban gardening initiatives around the district. 

As Congresswoman, I will work to increase the amount of investment we are currently making in road repairs, to prevent future costs and ensure the safety of our residents. I will prioritize blighted neighborhoods in the district, to ensure that streets are fixed.

3. Improve Community Infrastructure

Want to learn more? Read Kara's detailed plan below!

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