"Society and technology have rapidly progressed, but our education system has not. We are still stuck using a 19th century factory-style education system, and it is failing our students. From my time serving on the Board of Governors for Metropolitan Community College, I understand the very clear need for affordable and accessible educational opportunities. Whether you attend a trade school, community college, or university, you should not be saddled with debt as you move into your career."

What Needs To Be Done?

1. Prepare Our Young People for New Jobs of the 21st Century.

As Congresswoman, I will advocate for incorporating data rights, computer sciences, and social media consciousness into the curriculum and partner with digital education startups like Do Space.

2. Ensure that Our Children are Able to Compete Internationally Across Diverse Research Fields

As Congresswoman, I will promote private-public partnerships like Educare that will create a pipeline for high school students to gain the skills needed to be successful in real-world careers.

3. Make Higher Education Affordable and Debt-Free for All Americans in Order to Ensure Equal Opportunity and Upward Mobility

As Congresswoman, I will advocate for investments in our state’s public colleges, universities, and community colleges. I will vote to pass proposals that decrease tuition costs and administrative bloat within the higher education system.

4. Re-think the One-Size-Fits-All Traditional Education Model

As Congresswoman, I will work to reform the education system to move beyond standardized testing, encourage interdisciplinary thinking, and include life skills education and training to prepare students for the 21st century. I will also support service-learning for high school students to enhance civic engagement and societal cohesion across America.

Want to learn more? Read Kara's detailed plan below!

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